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Check out BYK's "New 'Do"

Driven by us lately?  If so, you may not have recognized us!!  We have, over the last 2 weeks, been doing away with the 1970s rock exterior, in favor of a smoother, more appealing stucco finish. So far, customer comments have been great, as with our previous renovations.

Don't worry, though -- it doesn't stop there. We are taking our customers' suggestions to heart. We know the building is old -- we can't help that. Clearly, it was around long before we took over the business. However, what once was old, can most certainly be made "new" again!!  This fall, when things naturally slow down following the summer rush, we're taking the opportunity to refinish the walls and floors within the dogs' residential digs, just to spice it up a bit.

For those of you who missed our very brief, Strut Your Mutt Sale (6 Months of Unlimited Day Care, for only $750 -- a value of $1,770.00), don't worry, we haven't forgotten about you. Our Customer Appreciation Sale has finally begun!!  Check out the below discounts . . .

This means, for all of BYK's Day Care regulars, you may now BOGO -- buy one, get one free!!!  This applies regardless of whether you are purchasing one day of Day Care, or one or more of our packages.  Buy it -- we'll give you a 2nd, at no charge!  I can't tell you how many customers have been asking when the BOGO would be back, & now it is. 

Get this -- we've added to our Customer Appreciation Sale. This year, you may now take advantage of a Grooming Discount -- 10% OFF All Grooming Services!! 

Remember, terms conditions apply as always, (may not be combined in any other discount -- in other words, you can't combine this deal with the senior discount, and/or the Angie's List discount, or any other discount). Our Customer Appreciation sale has been extended, this year -- now, our offer runs through November 15th!!

DAY CARE CAMERAS!!!!!  FINALLY, our Day Care cameras are web-accessible. Ask at the front desk for instructions on how to log into the Day Care cameras to view your best friends.  Please be patient, though. The log-in system is still in the process of being refined, but it works!!

Finally, thanks to all of our friends, supporters, and new customers who stopped by our booth at Strut Your Mutt on September 22nd. We appreciate all you do for the community, and for those innocent animals, homeless and helpless through no fault of their own.  By the way, we are still seeking donations for Best Friends Animal Society -- for $5.00 you will receive a chance to win 1 or 2 huge dog-themed gift baskets, worth almost $250!!!  Stop on in to Brickyard Kennel, or call in your credit card/debit card donation, by phone, to (801) 486-6007.  We're happy to mail you a Receipt for Tax Purposes, that includes Best Friends' Tax ID Number.

Thanks again to all of our customers and friends. We really appreciate you entrusting us with your beloved family members!

Margie & Jon Wakeham  (To comment, please "click" the Post Title.)

Winding Down

Wow! It's hard to believe that we're winding up the renovation of our lobby!!  In fact, our Handy Guy, Rick, just finished up last night (3/31) with the front of our lobby counter. He has tiled it in tiles that match the new grantie countertop, and it looks beautiful. (And, NO -- that is not an April Fool's joke!!)

Thanks to all of our customers who have given us great feedback, and at the same time have also put up with some inconvenience during the construction. Please forgive our mess, but please let us know if you believe it was worth every extra minute you took during check-in and check-out. 

Next, as I've said in the past, we are beginning on our Luxury Suites. We've got the paint colors chosen, & this week we'll settle on a different tile for each room. This will be true luxury -- no damage on the walls. No Bulky cabinets taking up living space. "Out" with the "vet hospital" look, and "In" with the luxury hotel ambience!!  We're also looking to install automatic waterers for the pets in Luxury Suites. If we can figure an inexpensive way to install these, we'd love to have them in every single run in the building. 

We also have a final meeting with our Sign Installer -- who is obtaining permits for our new signage on the East and South side of our building!! We're hoping to grab the attention of all those commuters, who pass us every morning and evening, but have yet to take a glance in our direction!!  

If there are any Pet-Owning Craftsman out there who believe they have skills we can use during our renovations, BYK is more than willing to work out some sort of "trade of services," in exchange for your high quality work.

Thanks again to all of our BYK customers!!  Please know that we appreciate ya'!!

Margie & Jon Wakeham



Get Your Reservations In

Time to start planning for the Easter & Spring Break seasons!! Please try our new Online Reservation System, but don't forget to first call Brickyard Kennel at (801) 486-6007, to register your Email Address as your User ID. This must be done before any customer may utilize the new system. Then, once your reservations are complete, please let us know what you think via our new Comments page. And don't forget to ask about our specials -- our Day Care BOGO -- for every day or package of dog day that you purchase, we will give you a 2nd day or package for free. (As always, cannot be combined with other offers. Offer ends 4/1/2012.)

Margie Wakeham


March 9, 2012

After some blips in communications with our web host, our website is FINALLY up and running. Our apologies to those who have waited for so long for this new site to "go live."

GOODBYE, 1970s -- HELLO, 21st CENTURY!!!

In the meantime, how many of you have stopped in to see all of the work being done on the facility??  Just walking in the front door, you'll notice a HUGE change. Our new furniture was delivered a couple of weeks ago -- black leather chairs and a black leather sofa. We've gone from tired, sort-of-white walls to walls with a splash of color, as well as a touch of DRAMA (our back wall, just behind the reception desk is a dark grey, almost black). On that same "drama wall," we've got stainless steel lettering going up over the weekend. We've torn the 1970s wood paneling out of the hallways, and painted them a pretty light bluish color, which is the same color on most of the lobby walls. Our "staging area," where we prep for feeding & medicating our client animals, was also repainted in a combination of the light bluish color, and a coordinating darker blue-green. Our groomer's "drying room" is also being repainted before we start on the renovation of each of our luxury suites (hopefully in the next 10 days). Before that, however, we will be tearing out our old 1970s laminate counter in the lobby, and replacing it and the front of the counter with real granite to coordinate with the "drama wall" and the earth colors on the tile floor. These are changes that we are all very excited about!!  (I'll be sure to post pictures of the new decord, when it's complete.) So far, the feedback from our customers has been nothing but positive. I doubt there are very many customers who will truly miss the previous decor.  Special thanks to our Handyman, William "Rick" Bradford, for all his hard work on this & the other projects that BYK has undertaken in the last 18 months. I swear this guy can do anything!!


In other news, we are now on Angie's List!! Angie's List is not easy to get listed on, but some of our loyal customers gave us good reviews in the categories of Kennels; Pet Grooming; and Training. In fact, those customers have given us an "A" rating!!  (Note that all comments were fantastic, but there were a few mentions of our "dated looking" lobby decor. Hopefully, our new changes will remedy that issue.)  We recently accepted an invitation to proactively list our business on Angie's List (as opposed to simply accepting whatever comments our customers are willing to add, on their own). In so doing, we have initiated an Angie's List discount program. Beginning right away, Angie's List members receive 15% off Brickyard Kennel services. Plus, we will be passing out to all of our customers a special Angie's List Comment form. We ask that all of our customers complete and return the form to Angie's List (postage is prepaid, of course). Comments are accepted from both Angie's List members and non-members. AND . . .  the Comment Form benefit both groups:  (1) for those who are not members of Angie's List, yet, the Form includes information regarding a special Angie's List Membership Discount available to those persons who submit Comments; and (2) every customer who completes the form and returns it to Angie's List (members or non-members) will receive either one free night of Boarding or $10 off a Grooming service. (Not to be combined with any other offers. Discount has no actual cash value -- no cash will be passed to the customer.) 

For our loyal employees, we've begun a new, Employee of the Month program, to honor the employee who has best served BYK. The EOM's name will be inscribed on a plaque that will hang in the front lobby, along with their photo. They will also receive either a movie package at one of the local move theatres, or a gift certificate to Walmart or Target -- their choice. Our January Employee of the Month was Karah, who has been a fixture at BYK for over 4 years. Karah stayed on after we purchased the business in 2010, and has proven to be a valuable member of our team, as both a receptionist and as a Day Care provider. Thanks for your hard work, Karah!! 

Our February EOM was quite a surprise -- Ben!!  Ben was initially supposed to be a temporary employee. Ben's girlfriend, Kiera, has been with us for several months. (I "discovered" her last year while shopping at Target, where she worked as a cashier.) We hired Ben temporarily when we found ourselves short-staffed, but he has shown such quick & steady progress, & such amazing dedication in his position as Day Care provider, that Ben has fast become a permanent Brickyard Kennel employee. Great job, Ben, & congratulations on your award!

Unfortunately, we've also received news that Karah will be moving to Georgia at the end of March to be with her Fiancee. Sorry to see you go, Karah. Also, BYK lost another valued employee, Pat. Pat left a couple of weeks ago to take a position closer to home. We certainly can't blame Pat for that -- the price of gasoline has gone bananas. Pat wrote Jon & I a very sweet note, saying goodbye, and encouraging us in our quest to make BYK the best pet services provider in the Salt Lake Valley. Pat, you are awsome -- we will miss you, greatly!!  To both Karah & Pat -- you will both always have jobs here at BYK, if you ever wish to return, in the future! 


As always, we have lots going on at Brickyard Kennel -- we're gearing up for Spring Break and all of the extra business that comes with that part of the year. Spring Break marks the very beginning of our busiest season of the year -- summer break. Until then, however, please note our current discount programs: 

Day Care B.O.G.O. -- buy one get one free (any daycare purchase, whether it be one day, a 5-, 10-, or 30-day package, or even a Monthly unlimited package -- for every one you purchase, receive a second one free.

Boarding promo -- for every 3 nights of Boarding that you pay for before 3/31 (reservations may be for later dates, but payment must be made prior to 3/31), once your 3 nights stay is complete, you will receive a $25 credit that can be applied to your next visit/purchase.

** Offers may not be combined with any other discount offer. Discount has no actual cash value -- all discounts will be given in the form of a "credit" on your account. Offer not open to BYK/iPawd, inc. employees.

Refer-A-Friend -- this is an ongoing promotion, with no expiration date in sight!!  For every friend that you refer to Brickyard Kennel, you will received a $25.00 credit on your account to be applied to your next invoice.

Thanks to all of our customers, both new & not-so-new!! Without all of you, we would not be here, today. Let us know what's on your mind...

Jon & Margie Wakeham