BYK welcomed a new trainer in June 2015:  Mr. Mike Sperry. We are so lucky to have him with us!! Mike has more than 15 years experience as a dog trainer, and while he has experience with training of all types, dog aggression is his favorite problem to help solve. His approach to dog training is that of balance --, using positive reinforcement and when necessary, correction.

His first set of classes has already begun -- Basic Obedience classes are held at BYK every Monday evening, beginning at 6:30pm. He also offers private classes, either at BYK or in your home. "Board 'n Train" is also available -- we have 2-, 4-, 6, and 8-week sessions, depending on your needs, and those of your dogs. In a Board 'n Train session, your dog boards at BYK, and is trained by Mike multiple times each day. BYK's Kennel Techs ensure your dog is properly fed, and receives any necessary medications, which you must provide. Then, beginning in August, Mike will add classes in "Tricks" and "Agility," as well, on Wednesday and Thursday nights -- please stay tuned for more information as things develop.

In addition to training at BYK, Mike is also in charge of training our staff on safe handling of dogs, and on how to help them more safely engage in group play (Dog Day Care). We have challenged Mike to train our staff to handle day care dogs well enough to get our day care staff ready to participate in the "Daycare Games," a competition between off-leash dog play attendants and pet centers nationwide, held each February, to encourage a structured-play setting, and to demonstrate leadership skills that make off-leash dog play groups safe and fun. For more information on the Daycare Games, visit

Because Mike has owned his own small business in the past, he understands the challenges we face daily here at BYK. His input with respect to all aspects of our business has thus far been invaluable. We look forward to a long relationship with Mike.

Please join us in welcoming Mike to Brickyard Kennel!!

Margie W.

Owner, General Manager

Brickyard Kennel