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Everyone needs a little play time, now and then. Even your precious dogs!!  Stop in and try Brickyard Kennel's Dog Day Care programs. At Brickyard Kennel, we have a day care option for every shape and size of dog, including those with shy natures, or others, with out-of-this-world energy levels!!  Within our designated Standard Day Care area, we have an enclosed area just for those "Shy or Elderly Dogs" who simply do not wish to hand out with the big rambunctious dogs, and do not qualify for Brickyard Kennel's newest adventure:  The Purse Dog Social Club!!  The Purse Dog Social Club is also undergoing changes -- this year, their new outdoor space is being created, which will include both a hard surface, trees, and lots of green grass for your little one to relax on. Over the summer, all of our outdoor spaces will be equipped with dog-sized swimming pools, to keep your friend cool on those hot, hot, Salt Lake City days.

Come, check it out, and Experience the Difference when you watch our newest, funnest day care division in action. The Purse Dog Social Club. Small-breed dogs are often called "Toys," "Purse Dogs," or even "Little Lap Dogs." In the last decade or so, Owners of these adorable little "Purse Dogs" began to recognize that our Purse Dogs' toys, bedrooms, furniture, and even day care facilitiies should be made smaller, brighter, prettier, cuter, more unique, and just plain "special" for those precious little companions. The Purse Dog Social Club serves all of those little dogs, weighing just 30 lbs. or less, including Brickyard Kennel's very own Spokesdog:  Chico, the "Wonder Dog." Stop on in and see the newly remodeled space that has become The Purse Dog Social Club.


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