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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What do I need to bring when I drop my pet off for boarding?
  2. What products do I need for my pet?

 1. I am planning to board my pet with Brickyard Kennel. What do I need to bring when I drop my pet off?

You do not need to bring anything with you. We feed all of our boarding pets grain-free Nature's Domain dog and cat foods, and we will feed them according to your pet's regular feeding schedule -- just leave instructions with the front desk.

MEDICATIONS:  If your pet is on regular supplements or medications, please bring those with your pets. You will be asked to sign a form, giving us consent to give this items to your pet during its stay. Be sure we have clear instructions on exactly how much, how often, and in what manner you want the supplements or medications given to your pet, so we can emulate, as much as possible, exactly what you do at home. We keep a variety of items in stock to help medicate your pet -- for instance, we keep peanut butter and pill pockets on hand. However, if you use something special at home to mask pills, please be sure to bring that along with you.

BEDDING:  We also have beds, blankets and cots available for your pet to sleep on during its stay. If you do choose to bring a bed for your pet, check to be sure the bed has a cover that can be zipped off. Even if your pet keeps its bed clean at home, the bed may become soiled while your pet is boarding. We do our best to wash all soiled bedding the night before your pet is scheduled to go home, but we CANNOT wash a bed that is not machine washable. We will not accept non-washable bedding. If you bring non-washable bedding with your pet, it will not be sent back to your pet's enclosure.  Also, please keep in mind that if your pet becomes stressed or nervous, he or she may chew on their bed. This is normal, and happens all the time. So, please do not bring in any bedding that you are not prepared to throw out. This is why we keep a very large supply of blankets and beds here, at BYK -- so your pet can chew OUR bedding, and not yours. If your pet chews the bedding more than 3 times, we may note in the file that your pet is not to be given bedding. It this happens, we will provide alternative arrangements -- perhaps, a non-chewable cot for your pet to sleep on.

 2. Should I leave my dog's leash and collar?

We will not be using your dog's leash and collar during its stay. However, it is often easier for you to leave it with us. We have a pretty efficient system of tracking these items, with thorough labeling. Each family's leashes and collars are placed in an individual "cubby" labeled with the pets' names. Nonetheless, please understand that during extremely busy periods (i.e., holidays and summer months), your items may not be quickly retrievable, as we gather all departing pets' belongings the night before their departure, and they may become temporarily misplaced. During these peak seasons, we recommend you keep leashes and collars with you, and do not leave them with BYK.

3. What else should I bring for my dog?

If you wish, you may bring 1 or 2 toys for your pet to play with. PLEASE FIND A WAY TO PERMANENTLY LABEL THESE ITEMS WITH YOUR PET'S NAME. However, if your dog is in day care, the toys will not be allowed in the day care room. BYK Toys are made available to dogs in day care, as long as there are no dogs present who have "toy agression." When "toy aggressive" dogs are present, the day care staff will arrange for other, more appropriate activities to be held in the day care room. We love your dogs, just like you do, and this is the best way for us to keep them safe, and unstressed. On the other hand, if your dog is not a "day care dog," and is instead in our "playtime program," please do bring your labeled toy, so your dog can play with it during its playtimes, and while in its enclosure.

For a nominal nightly fee, Brickyard Kennel also has available Frozen Kongs, which contain yogurt mixed with peanut butter. The Kongs are given to your dog just after dinner, and left for your dog to work on overnight. The Kongs are cleaned, sanitized and refilled the next morning. Please keep in mind, the Kongs are the property of Brickyard Kennel, and will not be sent home with your dog at the end of its stay with us.