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Don't believe us??? According to, ferrets need regular teeth brushing, nail and ear clippings, as well as regular baths to keep their "unique" smells under control, & to ensure that your ferret is clean, healthy, and happy. In fact, bathing a ferret every two weeks will reduce the natural smell of a ferret in your house, dramatically!
Please check your ferret in for grooming between 8am and 9am. We will call you when your pet is ready for pick-up.
We can make special appointments in special cases, but you'll need to speak directly with your groomer in order to make those arrangements.
Rabbits & Ferrets 20.00 bath, brush, nails, ears and gland expressions. 5.00 extra for any trim.


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 * Please direct all questions or concerns to Brickyard Kennel's front desk representative or on-duty manager for more information. When making your Boarding Reservation or Grooming Appointment, you must inform the BYK receptionist of any Discount eligibility, and which discount applies. Proof of eligibility for any Offer or Discount you wish to apply must be presented to receptionist either at "drop off" or "pick-up" of your pet(s).