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At Brickyard Kennel, we care about what our clients think. We value your opinions, and are constantly striving to meet your needs. Toward that end, we would appreciate it if you, our client, would take the time to complete the form below, and include any comments, questions or concerns you might have. Every comment will help Brickyard Kennel and the Purse Dog Social Club to provde our clients with the best pet care in the Salt Lake Valley.

As always, thank you so much for entrusting your pets to our care. As you know, even though there is no person or business that is "perfect," it never hurts to make "perfection" the ultimate goal.




Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy day! You, the client, and your pets are some of our most valuable assets, and so very crucial to our success.  Rest assured -- the staff at Brickyard Kennel is constantly striving to obtain the highest level of client satisfaction possible.


Jon and Margie Wakeham