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Non-Profit Animal Service Organizations

Please join Brickyard Kennel in supporting nonprofit organizations dedicated to improving the plight of homeless and/or unadoptable animals.

  • No More Homeless Pets

  • Utah Animal Advocacy -- Also, our personal thanks goes out to U.A.A.F. The Wakeham family adopted our sweet, beautiful pomeranian, Chico (f.k.a., "Toffee"), from U.A.A.F.  Chico has been Brickyard Kennel's "Official Spokesdog," since September, 2010. Sadly, our sweet Chico passed away in March of 2016. While we will miss him greatly, he remains our "Official Spokesdog." Thank you, U.A.A.F.

  • Utah FACES

  • C.A.W.S.


Kennel Cough / Bordatella 

  • Ask at the Brickyard Kennel front desk for our "Canine Cough" brochure, which explains the causes, symptoms and treatments for Kennel/Canine Cough, or Bordatella. Brickyard Kennel is proud to offer to vaccinations for Distemper/Parvo ($25.00) and Bordetella ($18.00).

  • You may also obtain from ASPCA important information regarding Kennel Cough or the Bordatella virus

Common Pet Problems 

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