Pamper Your Pet    

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Personal Playtime:

Cats and Dogs can have personal playtime with their favorite Brickyard Kennel staff member. Get extra loves and pets, play a great game of fetch, or take extra walks -- whatever your furry friend desires.

Each night of Dog Boarding includes either All-Day, Cageless Day Care, or 2 individual Playtime sessions, 20-30 minutes each.


Add an extra 30 minutes of playtime for $8.00 per night,


Specialty VIP Suites:

These private rooms are individually and tastefully decorated. Full-Size futons or Luxury Dog Beds; televisions or radios; and lots of personal attention are great for Dogs or Cats. Let your special pet enjoy a full, pampered vacation while you enjoy yours.



See our Boarding Prices page for more information.


Full day of play with Doggie Daycare:

Let your dog play all day in the pool and doggie playground with the other puppies.

Day Care is now provided 7 Days per Week, and better yet -- it is included in the cost of Boarding!

Please check {UNDER CONSTRUCTION}  for Day Care price information.

Full Groom at our Day Spa:

Let your beloved pet enjoy a full bath and groom with our gentle and experienced groomers- while you enjoy a clean and fresh furry friend on home coming.

Please check our Dog and Cat Grooming Prices for information regarding your individual pet.

Departure Bath:

Not it need for a full groom? Still have a fresh and fluffy pet on your return with our departure bath. Every dog spending 3 or more nights with us at BYK will be returned smelling fresh and clean after receiving a free Departure Bath.

See our Grooming Prices page for pricing.

Specialty Beds:

Want your pet to have an extra comfy nights sleep? Give your pet an extra special orthopedic bed, kitty cuddly bed or for an extra charge, an off-the-floor cot (limited number of cots are available).

See our {UNDER CONSTRUCTION} page for more information.

Overnight Treat Bags and Toys:

Forget their favorite toy or treats? Ask Brickyard Kennel about its convenient treat bags and in-stock toys, at a great price.