Cat Grooming

We groom cats too! They look great with a nice bath and brush or a cute lion cut style hair cut. Reduce that shedding in your house!

We usually ask that grooming check in between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. and we will call you when your pet is ready for pick-up

We can take special appointments for the right cat.

General Information and Grooming tips:


A groomed pet is a happy pet!  Keeping your pet brushed and on a regular grooming schedule will keep coat and skin healthy, and aids in easing stress for future grooming appointments.

When making an appointment to have your cat groomed by Brickyard Kennel’s groomers, you are responsible for ensuring your pet is properly sedated — this means that you must give your pet the sedative 10 minutes prior to drop off. If we have to take your pet next door to Brickyard Animal Hospital, you will be required to pay:  a $25.00 BYK surcharge, the cost of the vet visit, the medication, plus the price of the groom.

If your pet is heavily matted there is a charge of approximately $5.00-$10.00, depending on the length and condition of the hair, and the severity of the matts. Please be advised your pet is at a risk for razor burn and nicks when dematting them. When your pet gets heavily matted it may cause skin irritation, hot spots, staph infections, and can cause discomfort when walking, playing, and sleeping.

If your pet is heavily matted you may want to consider a complete shave down, and start fresh. Brushing out heavy matts is a very long and stressful process for your pet to go through.

Requirements for Cats

Rabies vaccination



Cat prices vary due to size, matting, and temperament. Please contact Brickyard Kennel at (801) 486-6007, and ask to speak to our Cat Groomer, for more specific pricing information.

  • Bath and brush start at 40.00 dollars ears, gland expression, nail (if indoor cat)
  • Grooms start at 50.00 dollars

Please be advised that your pet is at a risk for razor burn and nicks when dematting them.

There will be a $10.00 surcharge for grooming a cat who is heavily matted.


Angie’s List gives Brickyard Kennel an “A” Rating, in both the Kennels and Pet Grooming categories!!

Help keep our Grades Up!!  Upon picking up your pet from Grooming at Brickyard Kennel, be sure to take one of our Angies List Comment Forms. Every customer who completes and returns (postage paid, of course) an Angies List Comment Form will receive One night of Boarding, at no cost, or $10.00 off the customer’s next grooming appointment.

Note that you need not be an Angie’s List member to submit a Comment Form. However, included on the Form is information regarding a Discounted Angie’s List Membership. PLUS, all Angie’s List members receive 15% off Brickyard Kennel services!