Boarding Prices    

Ph: (801) 486-6007   FAX: (801) 466-8840




(Prices are per animal, per night)


These competitive prices (all prices are per animal, per night) include:

  • Your choice: Cage-Free Daycare or Individual (private) playtime (7 days per week)
  • Your pet’s own individual cozy run or condo
  • Fresh Blankets every day
  • Personal Housekeeping
  • Fresh, cool water 
  • (Ask about our NEW Purified Water Option, available for an additional $1.00 per day!!)
  • Individual "Potty Walks"
  • Breakfast in Bed
  • Treat time
  • Dinner 




     Additional Cats/Exotics (same enclosure)






     Additional Dogs (same enclosure)




* * Effective April 15, 2017, the price for the 1st or only Dog increases to $29.95 per night. Price for additional Dogs in the same enclosure increases to, $24.99 per night.

* * Effective April 1, 2015, all boarding pets picked up after 1pm on "Check Out Day" will incur a $10.00 per dog, "Late Pickup" fee. Those left past closing will incur charges for additional night(s) boarding.


** All Dog Boarding Prices include complimentary cage-free daycare, every day, or 2 individual, private playtime sessions per weekday, with 1 session per weekend day.


**Dogs staying 3 or more nights will, at owner's request, receive a complimentary departure bath. ALL BATHS, FREE OR PAID, MUST BE REQUESTED & SCHEDULED AT DROP-OFF.



Specialty VIP Suites

Our wonderful suites are large, personal, quiet rooms furnished with

beds, Cable Television, DVD Players and Dog & Cat Videos.

Our VIP prices include:

  • Your choice:  Daycare or Individual (Private) Playtimes (7 days per week)
  • Fresh blankets, or a comfortable above-floor cot, every day
  • Personal housekeeping twice per day
  • Fresh, cool purified water, at all times
  • Extra special, personal attention
  • Breakfast in Bed
  • Dinner


Large room

$50 for the first dog/cat,
$40 each additional dog/cat


Medium room

$45 for the first dog/cat
$35 each additional dog/cat


Small room

$40 for the first dog/cat
$30 each additional dog/cat


Pampered Pet Extras:

Departure Bath w/ 1-2 Nights Boarding

(Dogs staying 3 nights or more receive a free departure bath.)

    -  Small Dogs (up to 30 lbs)   $15.00
    -  Medium Dogs (31-75 lbs)   $20.00
    -  Large Dogs (76-100 lbs)   $25.00
    -  Extra Large Dogs (101 lbs and up)   $30.00
Nail Trim     $8.95
Teethbrushing     $6.50
Anal Gland Expression     $5.00


Add a departure bath to send your dog home fresh and clean.                                                       

See our Grooming page for prices on full grooms for dogs or cats.                                                     


         Treats, Toys, and Edibles:


Fresh, Purified Water
     $1.00 Daily

Planet Dog Toys (100% Guaranteed Durable)
     $7.53 & Up
Squeaky Toys
     $2.99- $4.99
Overnight Treat Bag (Filled with delicious treats)
Pig Ears
      $ .99 each
Pill Dough (for medications)
      $ .50 each