Packing for Vacation

What Do I Pack?

  • Vaccination records
  • Rawhides and Toys (Digestible and non choking hazard style only)
  • Food (Optional)
  • Blanket (Optional)*If you choose to bring their bed, Please be advised that your pet may chew or destroy bed*
  • Medications


  • Make sure medications are clearly marked with administration instructions.
  • Make sure insulin units are correctly marked on vile.
  • We administer medications free of charge.
  • We want your pet to healthy, happy, and comfortable during their stay.
  • Please do not bring bowls. We have plenty.

What not to bring.

  • their bowls
  • no balls smaller then the size of your pets throat
  • no toys with metal or beads.


You can expedite your check-in by doing the following:

  • Write your pets first and last name on all beds or blankets.
  • Write your pets first and last name on all toys and treat bags.
  • Have vaccinations certificates ready for quick verification.
  • Clearly mark all medication with administration directions.
  • If bringing in own food clearly mark the food bag or container with first and last name of pet and amount given daily. (ex. John Doe 2 cups am and pm. or 2 cups pm only.)
  • Have adequate emergency contact numbers in case of an emergency. Local contacts are encouraged.