Dog Day Care

Dog Day Care at Brickyard Kennel is a fantastic way to let your dog socialize with humans and other doggies, as well as exercise all day. Dog Day Care can also reduce destructive behaviors at home by stimulating your dog’s mind and body, all in a safe and supervised environment.

While your dog enjoys a great day, you get to enjoy a great evening with a calm, stress free dog.

A wonderful day of daycare includes:

  • Six Indoor and outdoor play areas
  • Trained day care staff
  • Snacks (with owner permission)
  • Special “Progressive Day Care” for dogs with behavior issues, and/or in need of socialization
  • Cuddling/love sessions with staff
  • Dogs separated by size and/or temperament — Check out our new Purse Dog Social Club, for little dogs, weighing 30 lbs., or less!!
  • Mid-day nap time and rest periods (with owner consent)
  • Play in the pools on hot summer days
  • Ask us for help with house training and Puppy Preschool
  • Constant human supervision
  • Training and obedience maintenance available

Doggie Daycare Pricing:

 Cage-Free Day Care, or 2 Private Playtimes per Week Day is Free with Boarding (1 Playtime per Weekend Day)!!


Full Day (5 hours or more)

  • Purse Dogs (up to 25 Lbs.)
  • Standard Dogs (over 25 Lbs)

Half Day (Less than 5 hours)

  • Purse Dogs
  • Standard Dogs

Doggie Daycare Packages: Call Brickyard Kennel at (801) 486-6007 for our latest package prices (and our current special promotions).

  • 10 Full-Days (Package) Purse Dogs / Standard Dogs
  • 10 Half-Days (Package) Purse Dogs / Standard Dogs
  • 30 Full-Day (Package) Purse Dogs / Standard Dogs
  • 30 Half-Day (Package) Purse Dogs / Standard Dogs
  • ^Monthly Unlimited Packages, as little as:  Purse Dogs / Standard Dogs *** OUR BEST DEAL EVER
^ BYK’s Prices on Monthly Unlimited Packages assume that the customer consents, in writing, to secure, automatic credit card payments on a monthly basis (see below). If the customer does not wish to arrange for automatic payments, the customer is still eligible for Monthly Unlimited Packages, but the prices increase to:  for Purse Dogs / for Standard Dogs.

Daycare Hours
Monday – Friday: 8:30AM – 4:15 PM
Saturday / Sunday: 10AM – 3PM

Brickyard Lobby Hours
Monday – Friday: 7AM – 7PM
Saturday / Sunday: 9AM – 5PM

*** Brickyard Kennel understands that our customers are deeply concerned for the safety of all of their confidential and private data, including their credit card account information. Brickyard Kennel assures you that it complies with all security requirements established by the banking system. For more information regarding the level of Brickyard Kennel’s security, and how Brickyard Kennel pay to have its computer system assessed, twice-yearly, to verify such compliance, please see How We Protect Your Credit Card Information.