Cat Boarding

Our Cozy Cattery is separate and tucked away from our more active, louder guests. Our personal care for each feline friend allows us to take care of each personality as they need- play toys and times for the social kitties, quiet cozy corners for the reclusive kitties and of course- proper pampering for the prince and princess purrers.

You also have the option of the extra pampered full suite for your extra special kitty. See our Pampered Pet page for more information on our full suites.

Our Comfy, personal Kitty condos include:

Fresh blankies every day Soothing music Cute little birdies to watch Luxury beds Personal Housekeeping Breakfast in bed

Please see our Pampered Pet page for more ideas for your feline friends perfect vacation.

Also, please check our Requirements section to see what your kitty needs to stay with us and our Fees and Amenities page for prices.