Purse Dog Social Club

The Purse Dog Social Club is the newest service offerred by Brickyard Kennel. PDSC is a Boutique Day Care, dedicated to dogs and puppies weighing 30 lbs. or less.  And . . .  don’t worry!!  No purse necessary for memebership!!!  PDSC is housed in the former Ma and Paws Bakery location, and offers your Purse Dog lots of small-dog toys to play with, unique places to relax and/or take a nap — even a special “Time Out” area for when your Purse Dog gets a little moody.

The Purse Dog Social Club keeps your small dog completely separate from the larger dogs, which helps your small dog feel less anxious, more comfortable, and definitely more doted-on. Prices for PDSC are a bit less than for the larger dogs’ Day Care, due to the dogs’ sizes. Available packages include 10-day; 30-day and Monthly Unlimited. Please call Brickyard Kennel for more information on available packages, current pricing and current promotional discounts.

Early socialization is essential to the emotional and social health of your new puppy, and both vets and trainers recommend socialization start as early as 8 weeks of age, as long as those activities are structured, well-supervised, and POSITIVE. Do NOT take your your puppy to a dog park — any negative interaction can traumatize your puppy for YEARS, or even its entire LIFE!! BYK’s Purse Dog Social Club is the perfectway to provide a positive, well-supervised environment in which your puppy can thrive, prepare your puppy to behave in public, play nice with other dogs, and to develop social good habits.