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We love helping dogs stay clean and happy with our grooming services. We usually ask that you check in for grooming between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m., and we will call you when your pet is ready for pick-up. Special appointments times may, occasionally, be arranged directly with one of our groomers. We also groom ferrets and rabbits!


General Information & Grooming Tips:

A groomed pet is a happy pet!  Keeping your pet brushed and on a regular grooming schedule will keep coat and skin healthy. Also aides in easing stress for future grooming appointments.

When you bring your new puppy home set up their first grooming appt., after they have received their second set of shots, to help prepare them for future grooming.

If your pet must be sedated you must give the pet the pill 10 minutes prior to drop off.

If we have to take your pet next door to Brickyard Animal Hospital you will be required to pay the sedative charge at the vet plus the price of the groom.

When your pet gets heavily matted it may cause skin irritation, hot spots, staph infections, and can cause discomfort when walking, playing, and sleeping.

If your pet is heavily matted you may want to consider a complete shave down, and start fresh. Brushing out heavy matts is a very long and stressful process for your pet to go through.



Grooming requirements: Dogs

  • Rabies (1 or 3-year)
  • Bordatella (every 6 months)
  • DHCPP (Distemper & Parvo, every 1 or 3-year)

NOTE:  There will be a $10.00 dollar surcharge, per 20-minute session, for grooming a dog who is heavily matted. Also, please be advised your pet is at a risk for razor burn and nicks during the dematting process.

All Grooming customers will be expected to complete and sign a Dematting Waiver as well as an Elderly Dog Waiver as part of the initial Grooming appointment registration.



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