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Brickyard Kennel Announces #123Degrees Campaign


Saving Utah #DogsInHotCars

Salt Lake City, Utah — #123Degrees  Beginning Saturday, July 11, 2015 and continuing through Saturday, September 5, 2015, Brickyard Kennel kicks off its new #123Degrees, to help save Utah dogs left by owners in hot cars, and to provide owners with a better, safer alternative, at no cost. As part of its campaign, Brickyard Kennel staff and management will volunteer time each Saturday to patrol local parking lots looking for #DogsInHotCars, and notifying Salt Lake Animal Control of each case, to save the dogs’ lives. As part of their #123Degrees Campaign, Brickyard Kennel is gifting Utah dog owners with a safer alternative, from now until September 5, 2015 — 1 free hour of dog care while the owner shops or runs errands, either in Brickyard Kennel’s air conditioned doggie day care rooms, or in large, air conditioned dog run, both with as much fresh cool drinking water as the dogs want or need.


#123Degrees was born out of an incident, which occurred on Saturday, June 27, 2015, when Margie Wakeham, President and General Manager of Brickyard Kennel and Brickyard’s dog trainer, Mike Sperry, were alerted to a small dog in distress after having been left in a hot car in a nearby shopping center parking lot. Ms. Wakeham and Mr. Sperry rushed into action to save the endangered dog by making multiple calls to 911 seeking assistance, and posting to Brickyard Kennel’s Facebook page, as events unfolded. Ms. Wakeham states, “We were prepared to break the car’s windows, if necessary, to prevent the little dog’s death, despite that I was advised by the 911 Operator not to break a window to effect a rescue.” Salt Lake County Animal Control was dispatched to the scene, but only arrived after the dog had already been locked in the hot car for nearly 90 minutes. Ms. Wakeham stayed with the dog, talking to it through the car window, and watching helplessly as the dog became more and more stressed by the extreme heat inside the vehicle. Although the car was parked in a slightly shaded area, and the windows were left open 1-2 inches, the dog was left in the car some time before 1:00 pm, when it was initially discovered, it was 2:25 pm before Animal Control officers arrived at the scene. Once there, Animal Control officers still measured the temperature of the car at 123 Degrees Fahrenheit. Once the dog’s owners returned to the vehicle at approximately 2:25 pm, Animal Control officers suggested the owners get into their car and close the door, to help them understand the impact of the intense heat on their dog. As Animal Control officers prepared a citation for the dog’s owners, Ms. Wakeham approached the owners and offered, next time they needed to shop, to care for their dog for 1 hour, for free, at nearby Brickyard Kennel. Now, Brickyard Kennel wishes to extend this offer to the general public, in an effort to help save Utah #DogsInHotCars from #123Degrees, one dog at a time!

Brickyard Kennel is prepared to offer, on a space available basis, 1 free hour of care for their dogs, provided vaccinations are current. Any dog(s) not appropriate for day care, or who are left before or after day care hours, will be provided with fresh, cool drinking water and placed in a large, air conditioned run for the duration of their owners’ shopping trips. Dogs left beyond the first hour will be charged just $3.00 per hour, but must be picked up by closing, or will be charged an overnight boarding fee of $28.00. Wakeham denies being a “hero,” and states:  “I own dogs. I work with dogs. I love dogs. I’m just like anyone else, but happen to have the resources to help save these animals, one dog at a time. I would like to think that anyone else, given the circumstances, would do the same.”



Brickyard Kennel’s #123Degrees Parking Lot Patrols will run Saturdays through September 5, 2015, and 1-hour free dog care will continue from now through September 15, 2015, thus giving customers a safe, air conditioned place to leave their dogs while they run errands on these so very hot summer days. Free dog care under the #123Degrees campaign is on a space-available basis, and is not offered on the July 4th or 24th and September 7th Holidays.



#123Degrees is a campaign born out of both necessity and Brickyard Kennel’s love for and commitment to health, safety and welfare of animals, and #123Degrees services are gifted to the public as part of Brickyard Kennel’s ongoing commitment to serve its community.


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